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Bonheur Entrepreneur

Ariane Loze
13 – 14.03.2024
Bonheur Entrepreneur
Ariane Loze
  • Performance
  • Theater
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By bringing together in an impressionistic way extracts of phrases from the world of work and its organisation, Ariane Loze creates a show whose strangeness surprises.

The first sentences could make us think of snippets of conversations gleened from a cocktail party, we recognise the contemporary all-entrepreneurship mixed with an ideology of ideal management. Behind the dialogues are reflections on work, its constraints and the space for freedom that everyone is looking for within the framework that they create or are subject to. And what about these people who work? Do they talk about work or activity, passion or flexible hours?

Ariane Loze observes, with a precise and profoundly watchful eye, the world in which we live and reports on it with her voice, gesture and body language, letting the words one and all pass through her.

As a guest on a set of a film in the making, the spectator discovers different characters coming to life on the theater stage, simultaneously a film studio. Ariane Loze, playing alternately the different characters in attendance, pushes the spectator into a fragmented timeline, like the rushes of a film.

The play, Bonheur Entrepreneur, also testifies to our relationship with time. How much time do we dedicate to work? How do we envisage the time that remains once a working day is over?

Direction Ariane Loze
With Ariane Loze, Enzo Addi and Steve Argüelles
Text Ariane Loze et Nina Leger
Director of photography Enzo Addi
Music Steve Argüelles
Outside eye Florian Gaité
Intern Élise Cohen
Set Photographer Mathide Delahaye
Special thanks Philippe Boulet, Laurent Levesque, Michel Rein
Production and diffusion workspacebrussels

With the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, in the frame of the programe New Settings |In co-production with Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Centre Tour à Plomb, wpZimmer, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and Galerie Michel Rein Paris/Bruxelles.

© Mathide Delahaye

Press Review

Il y a de quoi nous rendre fou-folle, et c’est cette solitude assumée et démultipliée, cette schizophrénie patente qui nous menacent tous·tes qu’Ariane Loze incarne, littéralement.

Fabienne Arvers, Les Inrockuptibles
09 December 2020

La comédienne Ariane Loze excelle à démonter les rapports de force en entreprise et à incarner le choc de ses forces vives. Drôle et grinçant.

Joëlle Gayot, Télérama
16 December 2020

Etre heureux rend-il plus productif ? Alors, Ariane Loze prend la question au sérieux (un peu !) et tente d’y répondre avec un humour cinglant, une autodérision magistrale et un don de transformation indéniable !

Amélie Blaustein Niddam, Toute la culture
05 October 2021

Ariane Loze et ses doubles signent « Bonheur Entrepreneur » entre théâtre et cinéma en direct avec une actrice, elle même, unique et multiple. Fascinant.

Jean-Pierre Thibaudat, Blog Mediapart
05 June 2021