Artists' house
& Theater factory

Artists' house
& Theater factory


All emails related to the artistic program (project or partnership proposal, invitations, shows, etc.) can be sent to (please do not write to any other email address than the one mentioned).
The emails received will be read and processed within 3 months by Alexandre Caputo, artistic director.
NB: We receive hundreds of invitations, offers for shows, requests for appointments, co-productions or broadcasts. It is impossible for us to answer all emails.
We respond primarily to requests that are related to our project and our artistic line and to artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Thank you for understanding.


Claudine Lison, Présidente
Carole Bonbled, Trésorière
Christelle Bulinckx, Vice-Présidente

Marius Gilbert, Nicolas Gillard, Rita Glineur, Kevin Karena, Annick Le Boulengé, Armel Roussel, Vincent Thirion, Virginie Thirion

Members of general assembly
Tarquin Billiet, Claudine Laroche, Eveline Nicolay, Michèle Piret, Simone Susskind