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Parti en fumée

Othmane Moumen
12 – 23.03.2024
Parti en fumée
Othmane Moumen
  • Creation
  • Puppets
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Othmane Moumen is trying to decipher the enigma that his father represents. Six years ago, he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, terminal stage… He has been living with one lung ever since. And yet, his father is still there. A deferment that was undreamt of. And he continues to smoke like a chimney.

The lung is the organ of sadness for the Chinese, they say. So I ask myself… Why does he do this to himself? Why doesn’t he stop? The questions flow into my head, facing this father who doesn’t speak. Why did he migrate one day? Why doesn’t he move anymore? Why does he refuse to go back? It’s not easy to get it out of him. The modesty of fathers, you know! But I went to interview him. I recorded him. I have his voice. It’s there, in the box, ready to be used.

During a puppet workshop with Natacha Belova, Othmane Moumen builds a double of his father with his own hands, to make him speak. This time gained on death is an opportunity for him to deepen the investigation, to let his father tell his story through the puppet, quickly, before he goes up in smoke for good… Othmane Moumen delivers a touching and not without humour dialogue between a son and his father.

Evening composed with

Eliana Stragapede & Borna Babić
Bonheur Entrepreneur
Ariane Loze

In French.

From 14 years old.

Writing, playing and concept Othmane Moumen
Assistantship Sophie Jallet
Direction and collective dramaturgy Jasmina Douieb and Kholektif Zouf (Myriem Akheddiou, Monia DouiebHakim Louk’man et Othmane Moumen)
Sound creation Guillaume Istace
Light creation Charlotte Persoons
Stage design and costume Thibaut De Coster et Charly Kleinermann
Puppet conception Othmane Moumen
Object and puppet design help Joachim Jannin
Artistic collaborator Isabelle Darras
Stage manager Lorenzo Berodes
Production and distribution support Ad Lib · Support d’artistes

A creation by Othmane Moumen, in co-production with Théâtre les Tanneurs, Théâtre de Liège, Entre Chiens et Loups company, PAN (la compagnie !), La Coop asbl and Shelter Prod| A delegated production of Théâtre Les Tanneurs | With the help of SACD | With the support of Maison de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Tournai, du Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes – Charleville-Mézières, Espace Magh, Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek, Théâtre Royal du Parc,, ING and Tax Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge.

© Alexandre Drouet

Press Review

Génie du mime et du jeu corporel, Othmane Moumen s’efface cette fois derrière la frêle silhouette de son père, ce qui ne l’empêche pas de lui insuffler son énergie vitale.

Catherine Makereel (à propos de la forme XS), Le Soir
15 November 2022

Si le talent de comédien d’Othmane Moumen n’est plus à prouver, il sort cette fois de sa zone de confort (…). Il montre qu’il sait tout faire et qu’il arrive toujours à surprendre son public.

Camille Mayenez (à propos de la forme XS), Le Suricate Magazine
25 November 2022

Un spectacle tendre, émouvant, teinté d’humour tout en humilité.

Julia Garlito y Romo (à propos de la forme XS), Le Bruit du Off Tribune
24 November 2022